This is the running blog of two women, mother and daughter, over three decades apart.  But it's not about age; it's about positive attitude. Running for fun, running for fitness; running for self-discipline; running to compete and push ourselves beyond our limits and out of our comfort zone. 

Life is not a sprint, its a marathon - where our hearts go our feet will follow

These challenges have led us to a trail of 10k competitive races, to beast mode cross countries, up mountains for training and across to the United States for the insane atmosphere of the Las Vegas Rock 'N 'Roll half marathon. So follow our journey. Sometimes smooth running, sometimes rocky. Maybe we'll motivate you, maybe we'll inspire you.  All you have to do is pull on your leggings. Lace up your trainers. Go run! 

Fighting Fit. Upping Training for the Brighton Marathon

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Training for a Marathon means not only becoming fighting fit but also fighting injury, niggling pain, blisters and those negative thoughts...

It's a significant milestone in anyone's life, to run a Marathon. Twenty six milestones, in fact. As a Sports and Body Massage Therapist, Siggy knows the benefits of listening and looking after your body - and is mindful of how much of a challenge it'll be mentally as well to compete the Brighton Marathon 2018... more


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When you feel tired, questioning life, 'What’s the point?' 'Why me?'. When life is hard, when you feel unmotivated then fight to persevere further.

You should surround yourself with loved ones who motivate and inspire you. Your circle should be well-rounded and supportive. Keep it tight. Keep it private. Quality over quantity always. Some days you have to tighten up that ponytail and roll with the punches. Keep running. That’s what you have to do in order to feel alive, take a risk... more


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It came as a bit of surprise when instead of beating my best times I found that they were getting slower, Then I realised that I wasn't catching up to other runners any more because age was catching up to me.

But around two years ago I put on trail shoes and ran up mountains going up steep inclines without stopping. And I can't quite explain it except to say it comes from the Forrest Gump school of endurance running as in putting on trainers and just heading for the hills... more


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Running up Col d'Izoard along with dozens of cyclists shouting 'allez, allez, allez' as they pedal past up the steep hill to 2360m is the best incentive.

In the mountains in France, a few of the key roads to the cols are closed to cars now and again for three to four hours. But not only does this give cyclists the roads to themselves but it's also a good opportunity for running without petrol fumes... more


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Skyrunning is an increasingly popular and gruelling sport - in essence it's extreme running at altitude.

In the mountains at the moment it's June and the snow is still thawing above 2300m so the trails are slick with overflowing streams and, sometimes, actual snow... more


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Temperatures are warming up in the mountains where we live for the winter. It's good to put on trainers again when the snow begins to melt. But it's certainly not smooth running here in the mountains.

This varied terrain is good for pace and balance. It also keeps me on my toes, sometimes literally. And it's never boring when you have such amazing mountain views for inspiration... more


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Remember Chris Frome famously having a crash in the Tour de France and having to run up the hill? I have just run up that same hill, the mighty Mount Ventoux pounding over the cyclists' names painted on the tarmac.

Yep, we're back in the mountains enjoying the warm autumn sun and glorious foliage displays before the snow envelopes them for the winter... more


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It's Blue Monday. Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year because of gloomy weather, stretched finances and a long wait for summer..

Now that winter has come the temperature drops and so does our motivation. In the New Year we set goals. But how do we make these our plan of action?... more


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Winter is coming - and running is our way of getting extra fit for the ski season and back to fitness after recovery.

October can be a glorious month for running. Crisp sunny days. For me, it's time for even more hill running to get seriously fit for the winter ski season. For Siggy, running is her first step to getting her full fitness back after her ear operation... more


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The struggles that we face head on are there to test our abilities and we must try and stay in a positive mindset to never give up, no matter what the outcome or the battles we may lose, we must find the strength to keep going.

I couldn't see as I was stuck to the branch. She eventually rescued me and the episode tickled us after as it, literally, stopped me in my tracks... more


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Does syncing your runs to Strava and doing challenges make you go faster, further and higher? And what happens when your Garmin packs up?

Doing a Strava challenge is definitely motivating even if you don't receive anything more than a virtual trophy that's locked in a virtual volt unless you pay! And it's game over when you Garmin watch decides not to take part... more


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Well, there are all sorts of motivations for running. Getting fit, losing weight, winning races.

But what made me run those extra metres up to 2642m and the Col du Galibier in the French Alps? A photo opportunity... more


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There's nothing like a challenge on the horizon to make you exercise more. Currently we're having a break from races after two half marathons, two 10Ks and one 5K within the past nine months.

But I just couldn't help clicking on the Strava icon, this morning. The 3000m Run Climbing Challenge icon for the month of July. Will it be an uphill struggle?... more


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We joined over 1500 women dressed in pink for an inspiring (and sunny) 5K along Worthing prom running for Cancer Research.

It isn't the speed that counts for Race For Life, it's the atmosphere. I know we are blessed to be able to run while those fighting cancer do not have the choice... more


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Last Sunday we bossed it, running a 10K race in Worthing and then going up to Wembley to dance to The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

We were running on a sunny day in the Worthing 10K race along the seafront. Feeling the heat of what seemed like the first day of summer after weeks of rain and wind. And, then, it was ‘waiting on a sunny day’, dancing to Bruce Springsteen on the pitch at Wembley for three and a half hours. How to do long distance? Learn from The Boss, and his irrepressible high octane marathon performance... more


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Worrying about how you'll do in an upcoming race is a waste of energy. Do the training for the race, stay healthy and cross that performance bridge when you come to it...

No matter how much you plan for a race, how diligently you train, how healthily you eat, when it comes to the day, you just don't know how well you're going to run... more


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We're back together, running again and already training for our next 10K in three weeks time. Yep, dogs and all.

I came back from the mountains two weeks ago along with the Jack Russells. Kiki and Beanie where we have been skiing all winter. Yep, even the dogs who come ski touring in the spring. They follow in our tracks when there's powder, loving the chase as we ski down. Usually it's around a three to four hour hike and ski so they're pretty fit. And I think I am, too. But ski fit is not the same as run fit - my thighs still ache when I start running again!... more


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Three months after Vegas, we decided to take part in the first Worthing Half Marathon on February 14th, 2016. Was is wise with no running training?

The first Half Marathon to be held in Worthing was too good an opportunity to miss in our home town. But with no running training (just skiing for me and gym for Sigs) before hand, could we complete it without walking (or popping home for tea as we passed our house six times)?... more


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We did it! 35,000 runners. Along The Strip. At night. With 40mph wind gusts. The Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon blew us away. Almost literally!

So it was just as well that we trained along the South Coast of the UK in windy November! Because it sure blew in Vegas! And rained. All 0.34ins monthly average in half an hour during the race... more


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You can control your pace, your distance, your timing but you've got absolutely no control over the weather...

So last weekend was our last scheduled long run before the Las Vegas Half Marathon. But the weather, on Friday, was pants. Windy and raining. And set for the weekend... more


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When illness strikes the training schedule. No sweat? Or sweat it out?

Just when everything's going so well, illness strikes. Even just a cold can affect your ability and desire to train. To run or not to run? That's the burning question... more


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A long run is part of our weekly running schedule, training for a half marathon. But it was a training run that found us running from a train.

Yesterday, we challenged ourselves - up monster hills, cross country, over dual carriageways, through farms and fields. And a railway line. Doing a 9 mile training run - and on track for Vegas... more


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Fitting in with our running schedule, the Worthing 10K gave the chance to test our fitness - and run together for the first three miles...

Four weeks before the Las Vegas Half Marathon, we run the Worthing 10K along the seafront. It was cloudy and sunny, with a cool North Easterly, perfect for a race in October. We have a cunning plan to run together. For once... more


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Taking a break from running with an alternative exercise, once a week, can actually help keep focus - and strengthen both body and resolve.

Running up mountains and weight lifting in the gym. Yep we've both gone off-piste a bit from the normal training schedule for a half marathon but, let's face it, sticking to schedules can be a tad tedious... more


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How to get motivated for a long run? Planning a route with a great view - or two - is one of the most inspirational reasons to put on trainers

Why do we run? On the list of motivational reasons, running for the sake of a view may not be at the top, way behind running to stay fit, eat loads of guilt free pasta, creating,PBs or competing on Strava... more

The Run Diary Duo

Elaine (Lainey) Deed, Mother

Even when I was fashion director of Cosmopolitan, I was more often in Nikes than Manolos. I ran six marathons, numerous half marathons. Said ‘never again’. Then Siggy took up running – and I was off...

Siggy Baylis, Daughter

Born 26 weeks premature twin baby, weighed 26oz and my aim is to do 26.2 miles in a marathon. So born to run. I am also a Sports Massage therapist also born to help others in their fitness journey...