Yesterday I ran up 2228 ft in the mountains; Siggy spent two and a half hours in the gym. Yep we've both gone off-piste a bit from the normal training schedule for a half marathon but, let's face it sticking to schedules can be a tad tedious.

Training is all very fine for a week or two but when it becomes a chore to keep on schedule then it can ruin the enjoyment of running. I've trained for marathons over the winter months and come to hate putting on my trainers for another cold, wet trudge around the five mile circuit with unenthusiastic spurts for interval training.

Running while I'm in the mountains, though, is a glorious challenge. Setting up routes that give both miles and metres vertical is good for legs – and for my head.

Every day is different. Ok so I'm privileged to be in the Alps (though I don't always think it, as EVERY route is uphill!), but, also, in the UK, Siggy and I make running plans that have an incentive. Such as ending up at a cafe after a long run where we can have tea and cake. Lots of cake.

I don't do much cross-training except in the winter when I'm skiing AND running. On days I don't run, I use a hoola hoop and skipping rope – but not, er, at the same time. I love Bikram Yoga as a cross-training session but our nearest studio is in Hove which is quite a distance for regular classes.

Siggy enjoys the gym and doing core strengthening and muscle tone. She goes at least once a week for two hours, missing out a running session. Will it make her run better? Weight training increases leg strength and improves bodies efficiency to use energy and oxygen. It, also, decreases body fat though Siggy is fortunately naturally lean and doesn't need to lose any.

As far as I can tell, she's going from strength to strength


They say a lot can happen in a day, a week, even a minute. Time flies when having fun, or slows down when focused. Two minutes can fly or can seem a life time. Nobody knows this, unless they are doing the plank.

I am currently studying Sports Massage, learning how the body does and does not work! Dating a guy, last year, who was not only a personal trainer but also a nutritionist, gave me inspiration. Now, I am dating a guy who is a personal trainer and a sports massage up-and-coming therapist, too. Big smiles. Guess I have a type.

Good tips that helped me when I first started working out. Make exercise a priority. Everyone has the same 24 hours and most have a busy schedule.

I usually have a healthy meal two hours before a workout. This gives the food a chance to digest. If I’m on my own I enter the gym with a positive vibe, get to know the machines and grasp an idea of the people working out.

So you cruise over to the snatch area and start making a face when a guy at the gym screams with every rep. Intimidation no? Gymidation.

 Put music on and just continue with the grind.

I normally do circuits on the machines.  I do four sets of 10 reps at a comfortable weight for my height and body mass. If I'm feeling really strong I end up doing 15 reps instead and up the weight lifted.

I have discovered that working out in the gym during legday: (definition of legday:’the worst day of the week’) it sucks because you would rather be hitting arms or shoulders or chest or even back but you are stuck working the part of your body that shows the least. Legs. It usually involves a large amount of walking around, stalling - and hype.

But be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.

I'll do an aerobic workout for 20minutes or so and then an anerobic workout, with a cool down stretch to finish. And this is my mantra:

Challenge is acceptable,

Failing is acceptable

Puking is acceptable

Crying is acceptable

Blood is acceptable

Pain is acceptable

Quitting is not

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