No matter how much you plan for a race, how diligently you train, how healthily you eat, when it comes to the day, you just don't know how well you're going to run. So worrying about a race is a waste of energy. Do the training and cross that bridge when you come to it.

Some of my best race times have been when I've least expected to do well. I've even woken up with a hangover on the morning of a corss country half marathon, thought I'd never make it to the start without vomming but did a PB.

Also, you wonder about the weather. Will it be windy? Too cold? Too hot? Well, you can't change the weather so, again, wait and see. Worrying about it is a pointless exercise. 

Currently Siggy and I are training for the Worthing 10K on Sunday, June 5th. During the week we often put in an off road route because, if the weather's fine and sunny, running through the Sussex countryside - over the South Downs or beside the River Adur (as in the photos) - is good for the soul as well as the body. It also gives the Jack Russells a run!

But training never goes smoothly. Last week I had to take five days off games because of a sore left knee (where I had loose cartilage five years ago, just before the Paris Marathon). Now it's nearly back to normal (I don't think it'll ever be completely normal, but that's running for you). Of course, I'm really lucky to have a daughter with healing hands, qualified as a Level 3 Sports Massage therapist!  Check out Siggy's website:

As to how  we're going to do in the 10K race on Sunday? PBs? Or slow times because of sore knee (me) or achilles/calf (Siggy)? I am also still on medication because of hyperthyroidism which is another good reason for taking each day as it comes. I'm just happy to be running!

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