FOMOOS: Fear Of Missing Out On Strava

So I blame Strava. If it wasn't for having Strava I wouldn't have been so wound up seeing what everyone I know in the valley is doing fitness-wise.

Having had a stress fracture on my foot since the end of June when we arrived back in the French Alps, I've been off all games except for walking in stiff supportive hiking boots. When you're used to exercising at least three times a week, it's so hard to put your feet up (well, one foot) especially when all your friends are posting epic bike rides and long runs on Strava.

And there are those feel-good endorphins that I was missing out on. I wanted to come back sweaty and smiling from a mad 10K run in the midday sun, feeling so good I could move (let alone run up) mountains.

That's why after only three weeks I was squeezing my slightly swollen foot back into my trainers and heading off for my first run since injury. Just to post something on Strava!

Yes, of course you're right, it was a stupid thing to do. It wasn't exactly going back to square one, recovery-wise, but it probably put me back a few days. The day after I was once again sitting at my laptop, foot up with a bag of peas on the top.

I managed another two weeks, ignoring Strava and friends getting more toned and more tanned as the summer in the mountains turned hot and steamy. (MInd you, it's actually pretty hard to envy a cyclist's tan.) Then after a long two hour hike up from our apartment towards Granon with the dogs with no significant pain, I felt good enough to try running again.

First good news was that my Salomon trail shoes actually didn't feel like the laces were too tight on my damaged right foot. That day I ran 3K, held my breath when I woke up and, yay, no pain. The next day it was 4K running around a familiar training circuit from home. There's a segment on Strava of around 0.75K straight up the mountain for around 75m vertical. I was behind my previous PR of 5.47mins by 14 seconds. The day after I repeated the circuit and, of course, I had to push to beat my time and then leg it up the shorter segment that came immediately after

The following day it was back to my normal 10K circuit making an extra effort where I knew there were segments even though it was 30C. In all over three days I scored four 'achievements' on Strava including a couple of PRs.

Luckily, my foot survived but what was I thinking? I was thinking of how great my posts on Strava were going to look, that's what. I should have been doing slow recovery runs just until I was absolutely certain that my foot was okay.

Of course, there is so much to thank Strava for as a great recording and motivating tool to help training or just generally keep fit. It's a brilliant reason to put on trainers and your watch to go out again - and again.

But  beware FOMOOS, especially after injury.



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