I took three rest days for my body to completely recuperate after I pushed it for a near PB result in Sunday's 10k.

Yesterday, we challenged ourselves - up monster hills, cross country, over dual carriageways, through farms, fields and across railway tracks, doing a 9 mile circuit that was varied - and a challenge. There's nothing worse than a boring long run.

I felt strong and comfortable for the first 5k. We detoured through the streets and my mind began to refocus.

Approaching the 4 mile mark, I was beginning to get into the swing of things - until we hit the nightmare hill (which is near vertical to get to a car park where it then heads into a cross country run, merging into another steep hill.). Reaching the very top, my mood began to swing too. I can't exactly pin point it - maybe,  it was a shock to my system after three rest days; maybe there wasn't enough carbs or water in my system; maybe it was the fact that we were not even half way, although I raced up the hill like Usain Bolt.

But at the very top, I didn't have enough oxygen, having to get my breath back and could feel the lactic acid build up in my legs - and eventually both my mum and I had a snap at each other, as she wanted to keep going and I was slowing down,

 I thought to myself "you've come this far with running, why stop now?". Onto a new trail, we both laughed and apologised and carried on with a steady, focused pace.

Eventually, we hopped over an open train track - symbolising that I literally had to keep myself 'on track'. We took a water break and some photos for the blog, joking what it would be like if a train was to come at speed towards us .

With adrenaline pumping through me from the previous miles, suddenly I heard a train beep its horn at me; nowhere to be seen. I've never ran so fast and delicately (making sure I didn't go on the metal snake tracks) in my life, to safety.

We only had the final 5k to go. I stayed focused and happy that I was on the home run to the finish.

About a mile to the end, I picked up speed as seen on my Polar watch, an 8 minute mile pace, and the last few hundred metres, sprinted at a 7:19 minute mile pace, leaving my mum way behind, huffing and puffing because she had to wait for me earlier and told me to 'keep up'!

The feeling at the end was indescribable.

Post workout treat, we both had a Friday night in, binging on a 'healthy' alternative of spinach topped pizza, and numberous episodes of The Walking Dead. The morning after, I am now walking just like a zombie out of the Walking Dead.

Vegas here we come! 





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