October can be a glorious month for running. Crisp sunny days.  For me, it's time for even more hill running to get seriously fit for the winter ski season. For Siggy, running is her first step to getting her full fitness back after her ear operation.

Nowadays I perfer hill climbing to road running. We took part in the Littlehampton 10K in September on a stunning sunny Sunday morning, but since then the only way's been mostly UP. 

In December, we leave for the mountains and five months of skiing - and editing the online ski and snowboard magazine, Style Altitude - And one of the main criteria for being able to enjoy skiing - especially backcountry - is to be fit. So, for me, running up hills is one of the best ways to strengthen legs and be aerobically prepared for the mountains. Fortunately we have the South Downs just behind us.

Also, using a skipping rope regularly is pretty cool ski prep - there's nothing better for heart rate and agility training.

I've tried other exercise regimes including Bikram (Hot) Yoga, the gym and general exercise classes. But I keep coming back to running. It's free, it's not time restricting (you can go an time anywhere and when you like) and you can vary how and where you do it (unlike structured exercise classes).

Meanwhile, Siggy had her eardrum fixed two weeks ago which meant no exercise initially because of her potential imbalance and avoiding pressure. Now she is on the mend and can exercise gently. So running shoes on, she was off for a jog on Brighton seafront near where she now lives and works doing sports massage

So during my latest run up Highdown Hill in West Sussex I took my mind off climbing the metres up hill by thinking of the best reasons for running in the autumn...

1) No need to carry water for shorter runs up to 10K.

2) Glorious countryside changing colour.

3) Watch your long shadow with the low sun angle and adjust your running style (works for skiing, too).

4) Not so many people about.

5) Less shrubery on country lanes - fewer stinging nettles and brambles to catch your legs.

6) It can be cool enough to wear those new running leggings - I've bought fab ones by Onzie from Surfdome.





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