Everyone has to start somewhere and remembering that life is not a sprint to the finish, but a marathon.

The struggles that we face head on are there to test our abilities and we must try and stay in a positive mindset to never give up, no matter what the outcome or the battles we may lose, we must find the strength to keep going. We've all had knocks and set backs. We are not machines, or unstoppable, invincible or beasts, we are all human.

Personally, this year alone, I have, occasionally felt like I've had no fight left in me and it has only now forced me to turn my 'I can'ts, maybe tomorrow, I feel drained, exhausted' into 'just do it and I cans'.  I'm improving all the time. Even when I was crumbling, I still had to push through the pain. I honestly don't know where I'd be without my family, love or friends, who have picked me up when I've fallen and put a smile back on my face.

But just as I'm starting to feel like myself again,  there appears to be yet another 'bump in the road, brick wall infront of me'.

I was running on the South Downs earlier and went straight into a vertical thorn branch, which attached to my bandana and millimetres away from my left eye and face! When I tried to escape the thorns cut my fingers. I shouted for my Mum who was running behind.  I couldn't see as I was stuck to the branch. She eventually rescued me and the episode tickled us after as it, literally, stopped me in my tracks.

But the main news is that I am having a fixed perforated ear operation! The operation is not a major one, but to me it is, as I've been waiting years for this and it is only six weeks away!

I know it will make me happier and feel 'normal' again, well if all goes successfully. Being a Sports Massage Therapist means that I need to take a recovery week resting from work. I will get a check up soon after surgery and begin the doctor's orders of having three weeks, including the recovery week of NO exercise due to the same reasons as the recovery week. Three weeks for someone who is 'about that life', loves, breathes and can't live without fitness itself,  this is going to be a complete challenge! If I do not accept this challenge that is ahead by not taking the recovery week and do not rest from fitness, all will effect my balance and ear pressure.

Pre op news, in between now and the operation date, I cannot resist but to enter and hopefully complete a 10K running race day in Littlehampton for Chestnut Tree House. This will give me a focus and distraction before the surgery.

In the long run, health is wealth and when you need that little extra kick, remember why you started - a better version of you is just around the corner. Stronger, leaner, healthier and even happier you! Not for anyone else, just for you!






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