There's nothing like a challenge on the horizon to make you exercise more. Currently we're having a break from races after two half marathons, two 10Ks and one 5K within the past eight months. Siggy needs her Achilles to heal properly (which it never does when she pushes it running on the roads) and I need to watch my heart rate which, owing to hyperthyroidism, was way too high during last month's 10K and 5K races (I had to walk whenever it hit over 170bpm!)..

But  I just couldn't help clicking on the Strava icon, this morning. The 3000m Run Climbing Challenge icon for the month of July. Will it be an uphill struggle?

However, we do run on the South Downs at least once a week so I have already done 284m in two days. And next week I am going back to the mountains where the only way is up! A slow steep ascent is also good for heartrate, stamina as well as legs.

Siggy, meanwhile, will be hitting the gym more while I am away.  She is already pounding up the hills way ahead of me because of twice weekly Fit Camp workouts. She is going from strength to strength. Literally.

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